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Hear what they’re saying…

Hear what they’re saying…

I am looking forward to the new designs. I get compliments every time I wear your designs. I love them! Thank you again.

– Celeste, Huntington Beach, CA

I love my butterfly Let Go, Let God pendant. Butterflies have always been special in our family because it reminds me of my sister that died in a car crash 30 years ago. She always talked of feeling like a butterfly and I have butterflies in different parts of my home and car, in her honor. I feel she is always with me, especially when I wear jewelry such as yours.

– A friend

I saw the Touched pendant on a client of mine. I do nails in a salon and she was wearing it. It caught my eye right away. She just went through radiation for bone cancer and a friend of hers had given it to her. She gave me the name of your website. I bought two pendants…one for me and one for my mom for Mother’s Day. Thank you so much.

– Kylie Shaffer, PA

My daughter attended a counseling conference in Nashville recently and purchased several items. She returned home with your catalog and between us we spent more than $300 on additional items. She suggested I begin selling as I lost my full time job of 17 years last fall and recently lost my dear husband to IPF, so she is hoping this will help me get out and help with the healing/grieving process. My favorite piece, although I love so many, is Wrapped in the Wings of an Angel along with Romans 8:28 token, which I am holding tight to because I do believe that does make ALL things work together for good and this is part of God’s plan for my life.

– Jackie Goncher

Your company is just something else!!! Call it what you like, but I think it is just fun jewelry!!! Has so much meaning and yes, is so inspirational. I love it because it is just fun stuff and makes me smile whenever I where it!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful artist. What talent you have!

– Gail Doyle, Customer in Maryland

When I was returning to our assignment in Niger, Africa, metal detectors kept going off as I walked through check-in at Dulles Airport. We realized it was my Faith Family Friends pendant. I turned around to four of my sisters who were standing (and crying!) on the other side of the gate. We all laughed, because they were all wearing their necklaces, too! I just didn’t want to take mine off for anyone! The Faith Family Friends necklace has kept me connected with not only my mom and six sisters but my military sisters from all over the world. Thank you for creating such beautiful and meaningful jewelry. No matter where the military sends us, I know, these three words are “all that matter.”

– Scarlett Hughes, Air Force Spouse

I am writing to tell you how excited I am about the new pieces of jewelry I purchased from you. I bought the Follow Me necklace for myself, and the JOY necklace for my 9-year-old daughter. I have been thrilled at how many times my 9-year-old has been able to share the meaning of her necklace in just two days of wearing it! I think it is a wonderful tool to help her learn at an early age not to be afraid to tell others about Christ!! She is so excited about it. Keep up the good work.

– Kelli, Winnsboro, TX

I took 10 Faith Family Friends pendants to a girls’ weekend. It spread from there. Now it’s very common in Mt. Pleasant. It’s funny to be standing in a grocery store line and see someone wearing it. I look for opportunities to share the history.

– Teri, Mt. Pleasant, SC

I just came back from the RE Congress and spent a good deal of $$ at your booth. You guys were so popular; I thought you were giving away free pizzas or something! I love my jewelry and plan to purchase more items. It feels good to wear something classy that still gets the message of Christ across to others. God bless you and all you do.

– Berni Rodriguez

At my school we have our “special little club” of those who love your designs. Two of my students gave me a pendant for Christmas and now I need to pass one on to one of my most favorite people. You are a blessing…

– Cyndi, Sibley, IA

Thank you so much for your willingness and promptness to help. Please know that we will certainly speak highly of your business and the kind of service you provide. We will do all we can to spread the word.

– Karen & Jim, Battlecreek, MI

My sister-in-law’s father was diagnosed with Mesothelioma lung cancer. He was a larger-than-life man of strong Christian roots. His passing has left a hole in the family and watching the grieving was hard for me even though he was not a blood relation. I love the sentiment of the poem used with the Sail Away pendant. It was a good reminder that “Big O”, Orvin Kiser, was in a better place. I gave it to my sister-in-law for Christmas in 2009. She wasn’t ready to wear it, because the wound was still too fresh, so my big brother put it on a short silver chain he already had. John loved his father-in-law, and to this day he wears it as daily reminder around his neck. I was also stuck by the shape of the pendant and the fact that he was, and always will be, thought of as “Big O”. At his funeral all I could think of was seeing his face when Jesus held out his arms and welcomed him to the shore.

– Berni Rodriguez

Your Follow Me pendant is beautiful and inspirational. I plan on wearing it during the Avon Breast Cancer three-day walk. It will be a great topic of conversation and will hopefully inspire others to Follow Me in the fight against this horrible disease. I sent your website address to all the people in my email contact list – what a wonderful gift idea.

– Jennifer, Woodland Hills, CA

I am looking forward to the new designs. I get compliments every time I wear your designs. I love them! Thank you again.

– Celeste, Huntington Beach, CA

I purchased the Heavenly Lights pendant and chain at the Hearts at Home Conference in Rochester, MN last November. Sadly – my chain run through my washing machine so a new one is needed. My Grandmother’s favorite saying was “Let Go, Let God” – she passed away 5 days after I returned from the conference. I am so excited to receive this charm and will wear it in memory of my Grandma! I love your jewelry!

– Tracy Max, MN

I am looking forward to the new designs. I get compliments every time I wear your designs. I love them! Thank you again.

– Ann, Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you for the creative designs and the opportunities they provide for witness for Christ.

– Sonja Reimer

I love your faith jewelry! Not only is the quality exceptional, but I wear it with a purpose because I believe in, and live what it communicates.

– Katrina, Seattle, WA

I absolutely love the Compelling Creations items. My sister-in-law e-mailed me the website when she discovered it, and I’m so glad she did. The items I ordered will make perfect gifts for two very special family members of mine . . . and of course I had to order something for myself!

– MJ Benisch, Columbus, WI

I just received my order! Thank you! I can’t wait to give them away at Christmas. I hope my friends get the same enjoyment wearing them as I do. Thanks for the beautiful jewelry.

– Sally, Dublin, CA

Thanks for working so hard to spread God’s love to the world. My girlfriends and I all wear your Faith Family Friends charm on the chain with our crosses. It reminds us of who we.

– A friend

The partnership with Compelling Creations has been great for Sugarloaf UMC. We have directed these funds to our Beyond the Walls Ministry, so the impact of the FUNDRAISE literally has been felt by families in Nicaragua, orphans in Russia, young men at risk in The Dominican Republic, hurricane victims in Mississippi and Native Americans in New Mexico. The ease of just placing a link to Compelling Creations on the SUMC website makes this a no-brainer. One Sunday, when Tommy Willingham our Senior Pastor, talked about his JOY necklace that was given to him, the orders just started coming in after that. This has been a wonderful way to fundraise and is a great opportunity for other organizations to the same.

– John Clough,Sugarloaf United Methodist

I would like to give a testimony to Jill. I have been in direct sales for 23 years, 3 of which I was a corporate trainer/field developer. The past few months, I have been in prayer with a prayer team, and the last few days fasting with a prayer partner, and GOD himself, directed me to this site. I am still in awe…I believe God wants me to be a part of something, to be a light for Him in a community. How, I am not sure yet. It is just very exciting.

– Tracy

I lost my father in Minneapolis several weeks ago and was sent one of your charms Faith Family Friends by a distant family member living in Long Lake MN. Intrigued by the insert, I went to your website and was floored to learn that we’re nearly neighbors! I just wanted to say keep up the good work and let me know if there is anything I can do to support you. You’ve supported me emotionally without ever meeting me.

– Nancy Musselwhite

Thank you for your ministry and heart towards God, and your obedience to share what He puts on your heart. HE has blessed you with such an incredible gift and it encourages me with my own new business to see what GOD can do for those who believe in Him. God bless your endeavors.

– Karen Gibson

I’m so excited about the military piece you created. I believe God puts angels on earth to help us humans. I have met two and now you make three. Continue doing what you do, because we are blessed by your work each and every day.

– Meg Lipper

One of my MOPS Mentors gave me the Be Still pendant. I love it! I teach Holy Yoga and love the symmetry of the circular pendant wearing it most of the time. It’s so lovely and simple. I receive many compliments from the hardware store to my mom friends! I like the Roots pendant which my MOPS mentor has and was given to her by our steering team a couple of years ago. I love the solid feeling and style of both of these. Keep designing!

– Deane Zimmerman

When a dear friend showed me a catalog that her great niece passed on to her, I was moved by the jewelry pieces and related my own personal story, immediately, with every design. Some pieces brought to mind specific family members and friends that could use a tangible encouragement or sentiment or that speaks to them as a reminder of who they are and what they stand for. As a single mother of two who strives for balance and financial stability and more importantly the spiritual inspiration to encourage me to “keep fighting the good fight”, I joined Compelling Creations to meet those needs creatively. My goal is to share, inspire and lead many to hope, love and faith.

– Jannette, NY

It was great meeting you Saturday at the Market. I purchased the Joshua 1:9 verse and you asked if I’d email my testimony regarding this verse. In March 2013 I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. In the time before I had the first of many appointments our local Christian radio station, Joy FM, has a reading every morning from the Bible. That’s when I heard Deuteronomy 31:6 which references Joshua 1:9. That verse got me through the tough days to “be strong and courageous.” I’ve been looking for a charm like this. Not only was my church family, but also my work family, prayed and supported me throughout my journey. This charm means so much to me, it will always remind me of that journey. By the way, I’ve already made my first on-line purchase. Thanks, for taking the time to talk to me, despite the crowd that you had at your booth.

– Tammy

On November 18, 2013 my brother- in-law, Tom Folmar, of West Virginia died after a long battle with cancer. Betty Folmar, his daughter, talked at his funeral and expressed her love of her family and the deep roots they established as a family. Shortly after I returned home to St Louis after the funeral, I attended a tradeshow where I discovered the Roots necklace and knew it would be a perfect gift for my niece for her birthday on Dec 23rd. She received the gift in Utah with tears and joy. She called and said she was wearing the necklace that evening to a women’s conference where she received many comments on its meaning and uniqueness. She cherished it! Six months later Betty called me reporting she was having tests done to determine the reason for her sudden illness. This was the 3rd week of May, 2014. On May 30th, the day she was to receive her tests results, she was rushed to the hospital where she died hours later of what turned out to be stage 4 liver cancer. Beyond shocking!! Family once again from West Virginia and Missouri traveled to Utah for her funeral. While there, her mother (my sister) was able to take possession of the Roots necklace knowing what it meant to her daughter. It has now become a touchstone to her. She wears it each day with faith and trust in the Savior Jesus Christ that the family will someday be reunited. I am so grateful I found your beautiful, meaningful necklace last year. Listen when you are prompted, you will be amazed at the results.

– Sharon Schmalz

A Sermon was given based on our Faith Family Friends pendant:
Recently my wife, Connie, attended a jewelry party featuring designs by Jill Felts, and came home with a classy-looking necklace that elegantly stated our values with the words “faith, family, and friends.” Connie was so charmed by this necklace that she came home with not just one necklace, but five necklaces. Then when she got home, she kept thinking of all of our other family members who just had to have one of these necklaces. So now she plans to purchase eleven more necklaces. As she said, “These are such beautiful necklaces and they state very simply what we value….faith, family, and friends.” As I see it, the good news is that everyone will know what we stand for when we file for bankruptcy… Sermon continues and ends with: Come to think of it, maybe all of those necklaces are, indeed, a good deal. After all, if Jesus thought it was important enough to remind his disciples to love one another as his last teaching, then it is certainly important for us to be reminded that our values are “faith, family and friends.” In fact, I think that’s the way God would have it! Necklaces, anyone?”

– Dr. Robert H. Wade, Fairmont Presbyterian Church, May 9, 2004

A male customer the other day was wearing his Touched pendant (fingerprint necklace). Naturally I commented on how lovely it looked!!! Then he told me a story. He wears it all the time; even to bed. Inevitably he wakes in the morning with the pendant having shifted during the night and stuck to his back. He said that the first time that happened to him this thought popped into his head: “I’ve got your back”. Now his necklace has an even more special meaning to him. It’s a constant reminder that JESUS HAS HIS BACK. I loved it!!

– Shared by Susan Burkley, NY Consultant

Just wanted to pass along my compliments! I have used the faith, family, friends philosophy for many years and was delighted to discover your website. I can only tell you how excited I was and how impressed I am with the ordering process, the delivery and most importantly, the quality. I can’t wait to give the items I’ve ordered to people I work with – thanks for everything!

– Shared by Julie Doiron, VA Consultant

Thank you so much for all the pleasure your jewelry has given me. I keep a supply of the Faith Family Friends pocket coins, and give them to close friends and people who are in need of special prayers. Everyone loves them.

– Beth Dougherty

Thank you for sharing your passion and inspiration with us! What a wonderful thing to do for a business to bless both those you meet and those you will never know! “Hearts at Home” attendee I absolutely love the LET GO necklace I received at the hospice when I was there with my mom. I wore it, put it in my hand, put it in my mom’s hand, cried with it and prayed with it. It was a wonderful reminder of God’s perfect care and my role of allowing Him to work through me and around me.

– Alice, Atlanta, GA

Your designs are so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for such great gift ideas!

– Tammi Granaas

Thank you so much for your beautiful creations. You have been blessed with an amazing creative ability, and we are all so lucky you are sharing it with the world.

– Lisa, Jacksonville, FL

I now have four of your necklaces (and one bracelet). When I’m getting dressed I stop and ask God which one He wants me to wear for him that day. As his vessel, you have added this incredible blessing to my life. Now, how many more do you have that I need???

– Lisa, Atlanta, GA

I was reading the USAA newsletter and saw the article about Jill Felts. I just wanted to say thank you for all your support. My husband was shot through the chest while he was serving in Iraq. When he returned home, we stayed at a Fisher House at Walter Reed Medical Center for one week. We loved how easy it was to be there. They really try to help out everyone the people were wonderful. I know that if I had looked for a hotel and planned everything myself, I would have gone crazy. I was so stressed out, but thanks to people like you; I didn’t have to worry about anything other than my husband’s recovery. So again I just wanted to say “Thank You.”

– Maria Holubz

I bought a JOY pendant just before I left for Europe. It’s the only necklace I brought with me, and several folks have asked about it. What a great witness too!!! I love my necklace!!!

– Jenny Fritz

I have both the Faith Family Friends sterling necklace as well as one of the pendants on an omega, and I love them both – I wear one or the other every single day. I get so many questions about them and people love them! Thanks so much for what you do.

– Tami, Pasco, WA

Jill, God has really blessed you with a true talent. I thank him for inspiring you and inspiring us with your jewelry. May he continue to bless you and your business during this recession.

– Berni (Bernadette) Rodriguez

While working at a local holiday craft show in Atlanta last year I met a woman I will never forget. As she looked over our jewelry, she kept shaking her head. I asked if I could help, and she told me that she had come from a funeral earlier that day. A funeral for a friend who was only 34…she wanted to get his wife something, but didn’t quite know how to offer her condolences. I suggested she look at our Sail Away pendant. Her eyes welled up and she started shaking her head again and said, “These words…these are the words the preacher used in his eulogy today.” We both stared at each other in understanding as she silently handed the pendant back to me. “This is the one,” she said. I believe this stranger and I connected. We had a moment together and hopefully she has passed that moment along to her friend.”

– Shared by Kelly Weatherly, GA Consultant

I helped my wife at a conference, and late one afternoon a woman walked up to our booth and stared at the H.O.P.E. pendant. She looked bewildered and tired. I approached her and said, “Can you see that the pendant spells out “hope” and that the “H” turns into a person reaching up for God?” The woman began to cry. I didn’t know what to do! Then she said, “My best friend’s name is Hope. This is the first time that I’ve attended the conference without her, because she died this year. I miss her so much.” I was equally as touched and replied in absolute awe, “Isn’t it amazing that out of all the booths, and all the designs on this table, you stopped and stared at this pendant? God is amazing.” Needless to say…she walked away wearing Hope around her neck and I’ll never forget the experience.

– David, Atlanta, GA