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Playing in the Surf

As this summer comes to a close, I can’t stop thinking about the beach and the surf. I LOVE the ocean. I love long walks along the shore (and I mean REALLY LONG WALKS). My family knows that when I walk along the shore I often forget that I’ll need to turn around and go back the same distance, so they enforce targets: “We’ll walk to that spec of a house and turn around, okay?” “Okay, it’s a deal.” And off we go.

The rhythmic sound of the surf cleanses my soul.

Yesterday I found this photo from a beach trip years ago of my daughters and my niece gripping a raft in the surf (one daughter is the “big splash” on the end). I smiled and stared for a long time at their faces stretched tight by huge, open mouthed smiles. I can still hear their laughter and squeals of glee through the image as they cling to the raft in the rough surf. After they played hard like that, I remember how they would stagger out of the water and plop in the sand to catch their breath… physically worn out.

Of course the photo made me think of my relationship with God.

Every once in awhile I’ll catch a “God wave” where I can feel that I am “connected” in such a way that is humanly indescribable. I am just “on.” I sense God working in my life with such a rush that I feel tapped into His tide – engulfed in the “I Am.” I feel like a surfer on a 15 foot wave in Hawaii. It’s exhilarating! I never want it to end!

But it always does.

Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s such a letdown when the rush stops.  It’s soooo STILL when we get out of the surf, isn’t it?

In examining the photo of my children in the waves, it’s quite clear that God knows we can’t sustain the energy necessary to stay on top of a “God wave.” As our parent, He reminds us to float in calmer water to regain our strength.  The stillness doesn’t mean that God has left us, or that the waves have stopped rolling. God’s ocean is always in motion.

Glancing again at the photo, I am reminded that He often calls us to come out of the water altogether.
To simply rest on the warm sand, and bask in the Son.

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