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JOIN our community
and let your ripple effect begin


JOIN our community
and let your ripple effect begin

Find meaning in what you do…
By wearing and sharing our inspirational jewelry, you will be doing so much more than earning extra spending money. You will be inspiring, challenging, and uplifting others through high quality keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

You may work for yourself, but you’re never alone…
We provide you with support and all the training and marketing resources to help you succeed. You have your own virtual office to track your sales, input orders, make wholesale purchases, print marketing materials, and connect with your Customers and downline.

Become a Compelling Creations® Consultant…
Compelling Creations Consultants are independent business owners who feel compelled to inspire others in a tangible way. Our Consultants join us for many reasons and run their businesses in their own unique way. One Consultant may have a heart for helping non-profits through her Compelling Creations business; another may already have a full-time career while sharing the designs at in home jewelry parties; and many others are making their Compelling Creations businesses lucrative careers. One thing they all have in common…all have found a home in our community.

  • Reap the Rewards

  • Our compensation plan not only rewards you for your own sales, but it encourages you to build a dynamic team by mentoring people who in turn empower others.

    • You receive 30-45% in retail bonuses on everything you sell from either your website, expos, or from your jewelry parties.
    • As you build a team, you’ll receive up to 7% on your downline’s sales at their in home jewelry parties.
    • As you become a leader by building other managers and leaders below you, you’ll receive additional bonuses on them and their groups.
    • There is no required inventory to carry.
    • And many other exciting incentives to help you grow your business…

Call 770-394-3598 (ext 102) to learn more.

*Beginning in your second month, our technology partner will charge your credit card $9.95 per month to maintain your Compelling Creations® website and back office workstation.