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meet Jill Felts
Founder & C.E.O of compelling creations

meet Jill Felts
Founder & C.E.O of compelling creations

Jill Felts is Founder, C.E.O., and lead designer of Atlanta-based Compelling Creations, Inc. As a faith-based, party plan direct selling company, the name Compelling Creations has become synonymous to marketplace ministry as the inspirational jewelry is passed from one person to another by independent sales Consultants.
Since 1998, Jill has channeled her entrepreneurial drive into a passion to share her beliefs through messages and symbols inscribed on jewelry. Selling the jewelry through a team of independent sales Consultants has touched lives nationwide.
Prior to forming Compelling Creations, Inc., Jill was a project manager and account executive with several target marketing companies in Washington, DC, New York, and Chicago. Jill holds a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communications and a B.A. in French from the University of Virginia. Jill and her husband, David, have been married for over 25 years and have raised two daughters who have grown up helping in the business.

Community Involvement

Jill loves to share with groups nationwide to encourage the alignment between one’s business life and the blueprint of one’s soul.

Jill attends Grace Midtown Church and is on the Leadership Team for Music to Light the World™ a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization with a vision to “bring peace to the soul” through donating performances and CDs to cancer patients, hospitals, and inner city ministries.

Author of Compelled to Inspire

Jill-Book-CoverCompelled to Inspire is filled with Jill’s reflections on universal issues that often hold us back from reaching our greatest potential. Her experiences, and those of her Consultants, guide readers to expand their view of possibilities and embrace strategies for success. The book is designed not only to share Compelling Creations’ history and purpose, but it also uses personal stories to encourage readers to release and renew their minds and spirits daily, to strive for their goals and overcome whatever is holding them back, and to journal their thoughts along the way.

Available on Compelling Creations website or through Amazon.

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Speaking Testimonials

Jill Felts recently spoke at our conference. This event was a gathering of about 100 entrepreneurs looking to start national or international businesses. Jill spoke in the capacity of a successful entrepreneur, sharing her lessons learned and offering advice and encouragement to the group. Her presentation was well organized and her points were clear and concise and were illustrated with entertaining real-life experiences. Her demeanor as a presenter is warm, engaging, interesting, and inspiring – as well as very believable. She received among the highest reviews from participant evaluations. In addition, she attended the entire event, taking advantage of all opportunities to interact with participants one-on-one to inspire and encourage them. She will make a wonderful addition to any event. She is an example that a person with rock-solid personal values can still be successful in business!

David Taylor CEO and Co-Founder, LaunchSmart

PeopleSourcer had the pleasure of hosting Jill Felts as an inspirational speaker at our 2014 Kick Off meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Jill’s ability to motivate; as well as inspire, is second to none. She has natural motivational ability through personal examples to express the true meaning of success. She gave us the chance to be challenged in our assumptions and see our situation from a very different perspective. Personally and professionally, I believe everyone walked away with a special message. Thank you Jill!

Debra R. Laste CEO PeopleSourcer, Inc.

“What a great job you did today! I wanted to talk to you more, but you had a crowd around you afterward. You truly have a gift…you give me inspiration to be a better person and have a closer relationship with God.”

Ellen McCormick Attendee, Atlanta, GA

“I want to say that it was such a blessing meeting you last night. Your presentation was simply inspiring. You motivated each and every one of us to continue walking out God’s destiny for our lives. Thank you for sharing your six principles and challenging us to ask ourselves, ‘Who are you?’ Just profound.”

Patrice Green Women’s Initiative Network Attendee, Charlotte, NC

I had the privilege of hearing Jill speak to an audience of 100 who she captivated for nearly an hour. She is a very authentic and engaging speaker. Her gentle and caring personality comes beaming through when she talks and you can just tell how much she genuinely cares as she shares her stories from her heart. She is a gift from God and as real as they come. I’m enriched and blessed to know her.”

Michelle Larter IMN

Jill brought a great zest and heartfelt testimony to our Women’s Expo as a leadership panelist. She inspired business and ministry leaders to follow God’s lead, stay on course and press through challenges to a level of success beyond their imagination. She’s living proof!

Margaret Mitchell Founder, God’s Love at Work, Inc

… for Marketplace Women Who Desire More of God

Giving Back

Compelling Creations gives back a portion of its net proceeds to organizations helping survivors of child sexual abuse heal from their emotional scars. This outreach was chosen due to the magnitude and repercussions of this devastating form of abuse that crosses all socioeconomic and education levels, races, and religions.


What they say…

This isn't just another jewelry party... the pieces touch people. All I had to do was show the piece and explain the inspiration behind it. My guests were eager to pass on that inspiration to their friends and family. – Sue Ann, Fredericksburg, VA
What was amazing was how the jewelry brought out stories from my guests. Two people would purchase the same piece, each with their own story of what it will mean to them. – Jennifer, Atlanta, GA
I absolutely love the Compelling Creations items. The items I ordered will make perfect gifts for two very special family members of mine . . . and of course I had to order something for myself! – MJ Benisch, Columbus, WI

I love your faith jewelry! Not only is the quality exceptional, but I wear it with a purpose because I believe in, and live what it communicates. – Katrina, Seattle, WA
My Grandmother’s favorite saying was “Let Go, Let God” – she passed away 5 days after I returned from the conference. I am so excited to receive this charm and will wear it in memory of my Grandma! I love your jewelry! – Tracy Max, MN