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Your Supporters are Walking-Talking Billboards!

We believe a custom charm can begin a conversation person-to-person. Your supporters can discuss your organization’s mission, share their mountain top experience from a special event, or express their loyalty to a summer camp or school while wearing a long lasting token. This memento creates a more valuable connection than using most other marketing materials.

Top 10 Reasons
to Create a Custom Charm

  1. Your customers or conference attendees are walking- talking billboards. Create greater awareness of your organization as your customers wear your logo.
  2. Jewelry can be worn every day and everywhere. While a t-shirt or hat can only be worn in certain settings, a pendant can be marketing your organization at church, at school, everywhere every day.
  3. Jewelry is worn by everyone and by all ages. Your Customers, Staff, Conference Attendees, Board of Directors will wear quality jewelry.
  4. Charms become a keepsake.
  5. Jewelry has a higher perceived value than other memorabilia and the cost to you is relatively low.
  6. People like to buy a gift that will last. Jewelry has an unlimited “lifespan.”
  7. One mold can create a whole line of jewelry. With one mold of the same size we can create earrings, charms, pendants, etc. It is a cost effective use of your marketing dollars. We will work with you to create a look unique to your organization.
  8. Customers can collect a new charm each year. Ask how some organizations reward returning attendees.
  9. Inventory is small in size. Unlike coffee mugs and t-shirts, thousands of pendants and charms can fit in one small box.
  10. Everyone likes jewelry! You want people to WANT to wear your logo. Wear it and share it!

How It works

At Compelling Creations our motto is Wear it and Share it® and we aim to live by our word.

The BENEFITS of working with Compelling Creations:
• One mold is efficient and versatile – it can be used for a variety of products if the image and shape remain the same size (i.e. pendants, charms, pins, etc.)
• Compelling Creations provides small minimum orders.
• Compelling Creations can create an accessory line that is unique to your organization.

Where to Begin?
Request a proposal by filling out the information here.
• Please attach a jpg image of your logo or idea to get the conversation started.
• We will give you a call to discuss your design and your needs.
• We will send a simple proposal to you to review.
• Because all orders are custom creations, a 50% deposit is due each time a custom order is placed. The balance is charged when we ship your merchandise.

*There is a minimum of 100 pieces per design on custom orders for both first time and reorders.

• It will take approximately 4 weeks to design, approve, create a mold, and receive a sample.
• An order takes approximately 4 weeks* from the date the order is placed and a 50% deposit is received.

*All accessories are handmade, so we strongly suggest not placing small, just-in-time orders.

The wholesale cost of sterling silver jewelry will vary from product to product, due to the amount of sterling silver used, and/or the various backings or clasps necessary. Prices also vary due to the weight, complexity of the design, and by the market value of sterling silver.

Other metal options are available.


• All proposals are quoted at Market Value and are based on your design. We will discuss packaging and accessory options at this time.

What they say…

``Compelling Creations designed the Gladiator Charm for our school and it is beautifully done with such detail! It is such a great way to show school spirit now, and as a keepsake once the kids have graduated. The fact that we have a sterling silver charm unique to our school and we make such a huge profit for our fundraising is a double bonus.`` - Ellen McCormick, Parent
``The Compelling Creations’ custom work is so innovative and a wonderful component that any non-profit should consider! The pendants that they designed for us were received incredibly well at our 9th national conference! They are not just a beautiful piece of jewelry, but a memento that helps each Family Promise supporter nationwide identify with one another furthering our commitment to helping homeless families nationwide. We’ve been using them as fundraising tools, as gifts for volunteers, staff, etc. “
- Jillian Twyford, Family Promise, IHN Program Services Manager
``Our pendants that Jill created for us are one of the most sought after items in our community... People are always amazed that we have them and want to know where we got them. For me and my staff, wearing our logo around our necks and over our hearts is one of our greatest reminders of why we do what we do every day.``
- Charisse McAuliffe, Founder, GenGreen® Foundation
“Compelling Creations has been such a blessing to the Erika Kate Foundation. It has provided us with a wonderful way of reaching people for our cause. We believe the pendant designed for the Erika Kate Foundation gives us a valuable tool in our ministry. As I wear the Compelling Creations pendant over my heart each day, it is a reminder to me of the things that truly matter most.”
- Traci Maynard, Founder, Erika Kate Foundation

Past Customers:

Anchorage Boat Dock, GA
Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha
Arowhon, Ontario, Canada
Atlanta Academy, GA
Atlanta Girls School, GA
Atlanta Speech School, GA

Billy Graham Retreat Center, NC
Blessed Trinity, GA
Bloom in Dark, TN
Calvary Chapel Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Camp Bear Tracks, AR
Camp Camp, MA
Camp Chi, IL

Camp Fire USA Central Ohio
Camp Greystone, NC
Camp Juliette Low, GA
Camp Lenox, MA
Camp Marist, NH
Camp Mikell, GA
Camp Ohio, OH

Camp Oneka, PA
Camp Ozark, AR
Camp Summit, TX
Camp Sunshine, GA
Camp Ton-A Wandah, NC
Camp Towanda, PA
Cathedral Domain, KY

Camp Chanco, VA
Charis Hills, TX
Clearwater Camp, WI
Erika Kate Foundation, IA
Family Promise
Anchorage Boat Dock, GA
Galloway School, GA

GenGreen, CO
High Harbor YMCA, GA
Id Ra Ha Je Camp & Retreat Center, CO
Kinder Ring, NY
Loucon Training and Retreat Center, KY
Maine Teen Camp, ME
Med-O-Lark Camp, ME

Oneka Camp, PA
Our Lady of the Assumption, GA
Pray New Orleans Foundation, LA
Presentation Sisters Worldwide
Rio Blanco, TX
Riverbend, TX

Riverview, AL
Romaca, PA
Salvation Army, NJ
Send Out Cards, UT
Shenandoah, VA
Shepherd Ministries, TX
Sisters of Providence, IN

Sonlight Curriculum, CO
Springhill Camps, MI
St. Jude Apostle School, GA
Starlight, PA
Sumatanga, AL
The Vineyard, NC
Timberline, CO

Ton-A-Wandah, NC
Towanda, PA
Trinity School, GA
Anchorage Boat Dock, GA
Vesper, TN
Walden, ME

Wesleyan School, GA
Wicosuta, NH
Women of Passionate Purpose, TX
Women’s Initiative Network, NC
YMCA High Harbour Camps, GA