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You can make a difference in more ways than one! Your purchase helps transition women who have fallen victim to commercial sexual exploitation. By working with Compelling Creations to package our jewelry, these women are learning skills to empower them to live a healthy and sustainable life. Take part in our mission! Check out more on our website’s Compassion Page.

With the sale of each jewelry piece, we donate a portion of our net proceeds to organizations helping survivors of child sexual abuse heal from their emotional scars. As a company, we chose to support this outreach because the magnitude and repercussions of this devastating form of abuse is one of the hardest to talk about. This violation crosses all socioeconomic and education levels, races, and religions.

We are all wonderfully made, so violating a child of God needs attention. Each victim needs our support, provided through courageous organizations like Voice Today, which helps survivors break through their silence in order to break free from the pain and the shame.

What they say…

I took 10 Faith Family Friends pendants to a girls’ weekend. It spread from there. Now it’s very common in Mt. Pleasant. It’s funny to be standing in a grocery store line and see someone wearing it. I look for opportunities to share the history. – Teri, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Your company is just something else!!! Has so much meaning and yes, is so inspirational. I love it because it is just fun stuff and makes me smile whenever I where it!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful artist. What talent you have! – Gail Doyle, Customer in Maryland
I love my butterfly Let Go, Let God pendant. Butterflies have always been special in our family because it reminds me of my sister that died in a car crash 30 years ago. I feel she is always with me, especially when I wear jewelry such as yours. – A friend
I’m so excited about the military piece you created. I believe God puts angels on earth to help us humans. I have met two and now you make three. Continue doing what you do, because we are blessed by your work each and every day. – Meg Lipper
Thank you for your ministry and heart towards God, and your obedience to share what He puts on your heart. HE has blessed you with such an incredible gift and it encourages me with my own new business to see what GOD can do for those who believe in Him. God bless your endeavors. – Karen Gibson